Monday, January 30, 2006

My Pre-Emptive Response to BUSH Health Proposals

I recognize fully the arrogance of responding to a speech that hasn't been given. But our times call for boldness. So I decided to be bold. Our US Health Care System is in rapid real-time meltdown which was the reason why Cervantes and I created this blog.

Tommorrow night our President will spend considerable time during his State of the Union Address (SOTUA) on his and Dr. Frist's Health Care Initiatives. He will not be bold. He will extol the virtues of what he calls a "consumer based approach to health care emphasizing tax incentives". I promise you these approaches are destined to fail. "We the People" will continue to pay more for health care and get less than any other western nation peer country. Mr. Bush and Dr. Frist's health care policies and proposals, like other aspects of his ownership society programs, will benefit the rich. The poor as Cervantes says will be "owned"in this ownership society. Below is my #8 point health care "plan" I proposed first in 1995. I have revised it almost ten years later for 2006 world.


- Stop prolonging death. It’s both expensive and dehumanizing at best, greedy and cruel at worst.

- Empower US citizens to assume increased individual responsibility for health and convince medical consumers that it is in their best interests not to assume the role of helpless, dependent victims/patients.

- Yet also recognize that we have medicalized America’s social problems. So we must provide healthy and safe jobs for all able citizens thereby reducing poverty and all its subsequent health impacts (possibly 1/3rd of Health Care Costs)

- Provide healthy environments including healthy air, water, soil and food.

- Rebuild America’s public health infrastructure to ensure we provide appropriate macro and individual interventions to especially low income citizens such as childhood and adult immunizations and response to man-made and natural catastrophes.

- Face the reality that a very large percentage of illnesses, injuries and hospitalizations are entirely preventable. Subsequently, the elimination of tobacco, alcohol, drug and medication abuse alone could immediately reduce medical costs by a factor of at least fifty percent.

- Incent and train physicians to maintain the health of patients and populations. Radical changes in provider re-imbursement and medical education strategies are necessary

- Recognize that early childhood preventive medical education can profoundly affect lifelong health behaviors.

proposed by
June, 1995
Revised 2006


Blogger Cervantes said...

That's a program everyone ought to be able to support -- and as far as I'm concerned, a winning political platform.

Let's see if we can get some candidates for office who will run on these principles, get to Washington, and make them reality.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Blake said...

Hey- Thanks partner(Cervantes)- You have provided this wonderful blog platform on which I(we)can be heard. I glad we share so many common values and proposed solutions to this US problem. :)

8:06 AM  
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