Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Vox Populi

The new Gallup poll says it all.

What's the number one concern of American voters? Is it the War on Terra? Is it saving the blastocysts, or the brain dead? Is it keeping homosexuals in the closet? Is it illegal immigration, or crime, or drugs, or even social security? Nope. It's

The availability and affordability of healthcare

68% of respondent say they worry about that "a great deal," up from 60% last year, and leading the list of voter worries not by a little, but a lot. Social security comes in second, at 51%. And guess what? Democrats worry about it the most, but it is the leading concern of Republicans and independents as well.

So then, who should win the November election? If we can avoid getting drawn into a lengthy discussion about The 10 Commandments, flag burning, the homosexual agenda, and who eats brie, I think the answer is obvious.

But then, if the Democrats reclaim Congress, will they stop listening to the voters, and just listen to the lobbyists? Watch this space.

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Blogger Blake said...

Thanks partner cervantes- As I posted on Stayin Alive comments Health Care reform is low hangin fruit for Dems to feast on. If they don't act aggressivey soon-I'm turnin to progressive governors and former governors who already are moving on this. Try see my previous posts on this blog about govs and former govs. Thanks again! :)

8:41 AM  
Blogger Blake said...

Whoops- mispelling in my first comment above. URL is It is former Gov of Oregon Dr. John Kitzhaber's health care reform plan and it bold and is generally "on target" :)

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting, isn't it, that people _say_ they are worried about healthcare ... they _say_ healthcare is the most important thing, but they spend more time, money and effort into leisure or entertainment?
If the people meant what they say, they would make an honest effort to help themselves. Instead, those who claim to advocate for them merely make excuses and blame others. It would be better to address the issue of what is really importance to people.
Can we morally, ethically, force people to do things that we see as being for their own good ... but that they do not think is important?

6:11 PM  

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