Wednesday, November 08, 2006


As Cervantes noted for both personal and professional reasons I was unable to continue posting on Critical Condition this past summer.

Ironically among the issues that prevented me from continuing was a new HIT= Health Information Technology System that I was instructed to implement in my medical practice. I was told that I must type in the patient encounter information during my interaction with my patients. (I never liked the word "encounter" in medicine)

Being a doctor who actually enjoys and values listening to patients including maintaining eye contact I found this HIT requirement to be just one example as to why Cervantes and I named our blog Critical Condition

Needless to say some personal medical issues cropped up with me which seem to be resolving

My main reason for posting tonight is -

- to apologize to both Cervantes and the readers and contributors to this blog for not communicating sooner- That was wrong on my part

- to thank Cervantes for his posts of 20 July, 14 August and most recently 9 October and his efforts and plans to keep Critical Condition blog viable. And thanks to also those who posted comments over the summer. A few readers thought I had died! Not quite yet!

With Cervantes permission I would like to continue to only occasionally post as a guest and I will reply whenever possible to posts in the comments section of this blog.

If and when I obtain a professional position that allows me to write more I would consider hosting a blog again

I greatly admire bloggers who have the time/ stamina/ creativity to write sometimes daily. I discovered I don't.

And I greatly admire the blogger movement which undoubtedly has changed in a very fundamental and democratic way the capacity to be heard by many without joining the mainstream media. It's quite a remarkable phenomenum.

Yet-As I have said in the past the most creative bloggers out there among which is our own Cervantes will become the mainstream media within 5 years

I was down but now "semi-back". Please keep in touch - Important work in US HealthCare reform is just beginning! We are still in "Critical Condition" and need and appreciate your help.

Be Well,

Dr. Rick Lippin


Blogger Cervantes said...

Thanks Rick. We're glad to have you back in circulation and with luck, you'll find that you can post from time to time. The good news is, there's no law that says you need to keep to any particular schedule. We hope to hear from you whenever you're up for it.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Rick Lippin "BLAKE" said...

Hey partner- you are truly too kind- I at least should have posted in June that I had to quit for a while. I hope I can help keep our blog going. But I am amazed at how prolific many bloggers are. On that score I am simply not in their league.

Rick Lippin "Blake"

9:02 AM  

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