Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush Lays a Health Care Egg in SOTU speech

Our President ,as I suspected he would, laid a huge egg on health care issues last night in his State of the Union Address. If the democrats don't make an omelet and feast on this one they really are missing a huge oppotunity.

Mr Bush outright lied about advancing health care for the poor and uninsured. And he briefly rushed through a few issues like electronic medical records, health savings accounts and health insurance portability for those who switch jobs. (Later on in the speech the president did mention HIV and medical malpractice reform)

But Mr. Bush failed to address possibly the #1 issue that concern americans. Having Dr. Frist by his side all night just added to irony of the tragedy of failing to propose meaningful reform.

Remember. Our US Health Care System is rapid real-time meltdown.


Blogger car said...

Our President doesn't lie. Health care has moved forward but is forever being threatened by the filthy hippies with no jobs that want health benefits for smelling up our streets! We are constantly having to pay for their drug overdose emergencies and of course--they have no way to pay!

6:09 AM  
Blogger Blake said...

Ouch car-hippies is a late 60s term? More importantly my partner Cervantes can provide a response on homeless and poor which I believe has expanded now to include former workers who lost jobs. Also car-Please advise on how health care has moved "forward". I believe it has not.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Cervantes said...

Hey Car, thanks for stopping by, although I'm not sure you are exactly elevating the tone here.

As far as Mr. Bush is concerned, there is a reliable way to tell when he is lying -- his lips are moving. David Corn has written an entire book about it, here, so check it out and let us know where Corn is wrong.

Now, as for the question of homeless people and drug addicts (I don't kow about hippies, that's pretty retro) it is true that to the extent they receive health care, it is mostly publicly financed. They represent a tiny percentage of all spending one health care, of course - it is certainly not a significant part of the reason why we spend so much more on health care than other countries where the people are healthier. Actually, we would spend less on emergency care for drug overdoses and so on, if we provided preventive care and substance abuse treatment for everyone who needs it.

Most homeless people are mentally ill, and a lot of mentally ill people are also substance abusers. People become drug addicts, for the most part, because they are in profound emotional pain, and see no better future for themselves. People become severely mentally ill because of genetic predisposition interacting with mostly unknown environmental factors, with the exception of post-traumatic stress disorder. It is because of PTSD that so many veterans -- of Vietnam, and now of the Iraq war -- become addicts and end up homeless.

Personally, I have compassion for such people. As I understand it, that is supposed to be the Christian attitude.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Blake said...

Thanks Cervantes-Appreciate your comments and link provided.I'd like to hear from others who can elevate tone above car's imput

9:47 AM  

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