Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bush's Weak Health Care Card Coming Up

President Bush will be talking about Health Care next Tuesday night during his State of The Union Address(SOTA)

How pathetic.I guess his complete disaster in Iraq leaves him few cards left to play.

Some creative Governors have put forth their own state plans in part because the Feds were doing nothing while the US Health Care System significantly worsened during "W"s six year is office. And now the Dems, finally on the Federal level,- especially none other than Dr.Howard Dean- are planning major Federal overhauls of our broken system in rapid economic meltdown.

Credible polls, by the way, have ranked health care as a major priority for the American public for at least 4 years.

The proposal, according to the Washington Post that Bush will put forth, would give those who buy their own health care coverage the same tax benefits now enjoyed by those with employer-sponsored plans. Bush also will announce steps next week to take some federal money now going to hospitals and institutions and give it to states for programs to get medical coverage for the more than 46 million people without insurance.

Well if there was ever an example of "too little too late" this is it!

I am almost too embarrassed for the President and the Nation to watch

But being a good and forever hopefull US citizen I will tune in and urge you to do so also

Next Tues January 23rd-9 PM EST

Dr.Rick Lippin


Blogger stoney13 said...

Gee, Rick,

Watch President Pork Pie with his head on his neck, and his teeth in his mouth! Actually LISTEN to his lies interspaced by his bloody slaughter of the English Language? You ask much!!

But since it's you doing the asking, I guess I'll watch it!

I'ld better get hold of my "Herbal Medicine" guy! After a "night in the Bush", I'm sure I'll have sore need of his wares!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Blake said...

Go for it Stoney- Stare him down!!-then relax

Rick Lippin

1:29 PM  
Blogger stoney13 said...

All firearms have been unloaded and carefully hidden, "Herbal Medicines" have been prepared and rolled, The finest of hemp rope has been properly secured (so I can't get hold of the television set, and chuck it out the window... again!)! And high-presure dart guns have been loaded up with maximum doses of Thorazine in case any or all of these measures fail!

It just seems to me that watching The State of The Union Speech was just so much easier when Clinton was President! (But then again LOTS of things were easier when Clinton was President!)

1:45 PM  

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