Thursday, January 25, 2007

Presidential Candidates on Health Care Reform?

I honestly have lost track of how many presidential candidates we have?? And I AM NOT-REPEAT NOT a single issue person- i.e.- Health Care Reform.

But Cervantes and I began this blog in Nov of 2005 because we correctly agreed that U.S."Health" Care was in rapid realtime economic and moral/ethical meltdown.

Now that it is clear to me at least that the US Governors are generally not stepping up to the plate (Cervantes never wavered from endorsing a single payer-universal federal plan) I have personally decided to support those who embrace a single payer-universal health care plan for all US citizens. My only proviso would be there must be an emphasis on prevention

Ida Hellander,MD Executive Director-Physicians for a National Health Program was kind enough-THANKS IDA! to alert me to John Edwards stating in The Washington Post that that he was supporting Universal Health Care

Further more Dr. Hellander directed me to Greg Sargent's blog over at TPM Cafe Blog that Barack(yikes!-he's a smoker!)Obama has made a half hearted attempt to endorse Universal Health Care.

Dr.Hellander of PNHP says Obama's remarks were less than well conceived.There's a lot of talk about "boldness" but Obama's remarks are anything but?

Where is Hillary? The dethroned queen of 92-93 HealthCare reform can rise again! But she must not be shy just because her timing was off by a almost 15 years the first time around and she forgot to invite the providers to the planning table. People can learn a lot in almost 15 years!

Thanks Dennis Kucinich for always being on the progressive forefront on this and other issues

Since Al(he's still my favorite candidate)Gore got an Oscar nomination for his movie on the Environment-An Inconvenient Truth maybe he can do a sequel on health care?

But Michael Moore may beat him to Sundance this time with "Sicko"- a movie in prep about our US "Health" Care System

Stay tuned folks- This is getting real interesting? I'm actually "cautiously optimistic" that Americans might actually see decent health care for all soon?

Dr. Rick Lippin


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