Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Power of Art- Moore's Movie SICKO Will Change Our Nation

Call me non-intellectual but I've always believed that the power and intensity of a single piece of Art, properly timed, on rare occasions can transform a nation.

Examples include Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin and it's impact on slavery, Upton Sinclair's muckraking novel The Jungle on slaughterhouse conditions which lead to tighter standards on food and worker safety and the TV special called Harvest of Shame which educated the nation on unjust working conditions of migrant farm workers.(thanks Professor Joe Palermo for the references).Twe more contemporary examples of this phenomenon are the photographic image of planet earth from space which I believe jolted us into global conciousness and "former president elect" Al Gore's oscar winning movie An Inconvenient Truth which undoubtedly advanced worldwide awareness of the treat of global warming. Certainly you-our readers- could think of yet more examples. Post them as comments to this blog.

Michael Moore's movie about our nations severely broken US Health Care System-entitled SICKO-is such a piece of Art.

Due to open broadly in the US next Friday on June 29 this film and activities and "buzz" surrounding the movie will further stimulate an already great hunger for bold and radical change in our US Health Care System. (See my blog immediately below entitled "1993-1994 is NOT 2009-2010"

Amy Goodman, who hosts a nationally syndicated news radio program called Democracy Now, calls what Moore is doing more than just a movie. She calls it a movement. See her piece in AlterNet. She is indeed correct. For more on this movement go to Moore's web sites including a YouTube group or checkout SICKO'S the movie's official website.The websites and Michael Moore invite you to tell your own horror stories about US Health Care.I've told a few myself.

Marilyn Clement, National Coordinator for Healthcare Now ,the nations leading advocacy group for "Single Payer-Medicare for All" has also encouraged citizens to rally around the openning of SICKO. They are even trying to raise $ so people of very limited financial means can view the movie for free!

Another one of my long held beliefs is that there are three essential ingredients to a successful socio-political movement. They are,in order of importance-

- Timing
- Timing
- Timing


Moore's timing on releasing SICKO this month is impeccable and is a testimony to his political intuition or even genius?

This is his best Moore movie yet and this will reinforce the reality that health care reform will indeed be the domestic issue that will elect the next US president.You can take that one to the bank. "Trust me -I'm a doctor":)

If the current White House is stupid enough to even touch Moore for his trip to Cuba they will transform Moore into a martyr which will only generate yet more "buzz" for SICKO and surrounding activities.

Take a break this summer. Go to the movies and see SICKO. It will be good for your own personal health -and the health of our nation.

You will be witnessing first hand the power that art and art alone posseses to capture the hearts and passions of a nation on an issue of profound importance.

Capturing of only our minds, also extremely important, is a job best left to others.

Be Well,

Dr. Rick Lippin
Also founder -International Arts-Medicine Association (IAMA-1985)



Anonymous stuart said...

I am currently studying Economics. My particular interest is health care. I just wanted to comment on your great blog. I’ll make sure to visit often.

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Anonymous Dr. Rick Lippin said...

thanks Stuart

Good luck with your studies in economics

Be Well,

Dr. Rick Lippin

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