Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mayor of New York Comes Through For Prevention

In a landmark speech on health care reform yesterday the Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor of the greatest city on the planet, New York, New York , jolted to the front of the pack among politicians by endorsing prevention by stating "we're paying for a disease care system- not a health care system." He also emphasized the role of "prevention-oriented electronic health records"(EHRs)

The good Mayor has a program of 10 preventive health care steps that every person can follow know as "Take Care New York"

Pinch me!

I've waited for a prominent politician to take this leap for at least a decade. Little did I know it would be a Mayor!

I would personally add that an important component of prevention are Institutions and yes, Government, stepping up to the plate as well as individuals regarding healthy environments in the broadest sense of the word. And healthy jobs for all!

Below is once more my own #8 point plan from 1995 (slightly revised after Katrina)


- Stop prolonging death. It’s both expensive and dehumanizing at best, greedy and cruel at worst.

-Empower US citizens to assume increased individual responsibility for health and convince medical consumers that it is in their best interests not to assume the role of helpless, dependent victims/patients.

-Yet also recognize that we have medicalized America’s social problems. So we must provide healthy and safe jobs for all able citizens thereby reducing poverty and all its subsequent health impacts (possibly 1/3rd of Health Care Costs)

-Provide healthy environments including healthy air, water, soil and food.

-Rebuild America’s public health infrastructure to ensure we provide appropriate macro and individual interventions to especially low income citizens such as childhood and adult immunizations and response to man-made and natural catastrophes.

-Face the reality that a very large percentage of illnesses, injuries and hospitalizations are entirely preventable. Subsequently, the elimination of tobacco, alcohol, drug, medication and dietary abuse alone could immediately reduce medical costs by a factor of at least fifty percent.

-Incent and train physicians to maintain the health of patients and populations. Radical changes in provider re-imbursement and medical education strategies are necessary

-Recognize that early childhood preventive medical education can profoundly affect lifelong health behaviors.

*proposed in June of 1995
Revised January 2006/2007

Mayor Bloomberg- I speak for many when I say we are in your debt for telling like it is-and it must be.

Prevention is our ONLY way out of our economically unsustainable disease care system. But please Mr. Mayor- Sick and injured people still need our help too- so please a transition to "Prevention with a heart" is the way to go.

Dr. Rick Lippin


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